Iko and Piper

by Kristen Tabor

ComicOkay, kids, I'm gonna experiment with a rant ... When I first started drawing Iko and Piper, I did it in plain old pencil. There's a very long and good story behind that, one which you'll get in detail later. I wanted to continue using pencil, but when I scanned it, it looked so faint ... I finally came up with a way to Gimp the pencil so it looked okay, but several people suggested that I try pen just to see what happens. I did. You can see that a comic or two back. I use a special blue repo pencil to draw everything in, then I go over everything with a .08 pen. I hate doing this, and honestly, on a bright monitor you can't tell that much of a difference, but the pens scan better, and compress into smaller .jpgs. The pencil gets a little clobbered with the compression. BUT, the .08 pen feels huge to me. I like my .02 pen, so I'll try it next comic. You'll get to see it then. Bean, signing out.
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